What to Expect From Your Session

During a treatment, you lie, fully clothed on a table. Craniosacral therapy (CST) is unlike other treatments in that it is very gentle and subtle – it is not like having a massage, and it does not involve any kind of manipulation. I will then gently hold your feet, head, sacrum (base of spine) and other areas to ‘listen’ to your system. The aim for us working together is to enable your body to rebalance and to access its own natural healing resources, as old patterns or blockages release. During the session you may feel a sense of relaxation and of coming back into your body; you may also notice physical sensations (such as heat, or movement of energy). The deep state of relaxation offered by CST can be profound, and it enables the nervous system to calm your body down so it can begin to heal itself.

CST is not a ‘talking therapy’ but there may be some verbal exchange during the session – I will, for example, always negotiate any touch with you. You may wish to articulate any sensations or feelings that arise – this can sometimes be a helpful way to integrate what is happening in the body and may give you insights into your feelings and experiences. Sessions are confidential and notes I keep are stored securely. I abide by the ethics code of my professional body, the Craniosacral Therapy Association.

After a session, you may feel energised and as though something has been ‘reorganised’ or realigned. Changes and sensations can continue for a few days.

“THANK YOU …I felt SO centred and more relaxed than I’ve done for a long time , it really touched me to the core and has given me strength” (Peter, Lewes)